Best Ram For Gaming – A Quick Look at RAM

In the next step on the road to have the best prebuilt gaming pc, we are going to quickly take a look at memory – which is actually going to be quite simple. Memory is fast. By its very nature, ram is blazingly fast. Sure, you can get some ram that is faster than another ram, but quite frankly, the average person isn’t going to tell the difference between different speeds of RAM.

I run a computer that uses DDR2 ram, and I’m happy with its speed. Sure, I can’t run Crysis two at full tilt – but the larger effect on my performance is going to be the video card and then CPU – those are our bottlenecks. Ram is rarely ever a bottleneck in any kind of normal gaming situation.

That being said, there are still a few considerations to take into account. We are building a Sandy Bridge system, so we will be looking at DDR3 ram which runs at 1.5 volts or lower. Since we do have a choice, we should look at 1333 vs 1600 speed ram. We also need to look at 4 vs 8 vs more GB of ram. As always, I will briefly discuss manufacturer.

Here’s the low down dirty truth. You could probably get pretty much any brand of ram, on any DDR3 speed, and do just fine. Ram is not an issue. I do have a recommendation and a specific set that I would use, but you don’t need to do that. There pretty much is no wrong answer. I believe that you can spend your money wisest here, but you aren’t spending money poorly by going with a different choice.

1333 vs 1600 – the price difference is minimal for a speed boost, even though as I said you probably wouldn’t notice. I don’t think its worth shaving maybe $20 off the price tag for the slower ram – it’s just $20, and this is a bombing system we are going to build to last 4-5 years (on #4 with the current, and I can play any game out there). If you are on a strict budget, then go for 1333 to squeeze it in.

4 vs 8 GB. Most people say if you are gaming, you don’t need more than 4 and won’t tell the difference. I’m here to tell you that I noticed a massive performance boost when I went from 4 to 8 – and I didn’t change ram, I just added 2 more sticks of 2 of what I had (G.Skill DDR2 800 – same exact set).  Always get multiple sticks of ram in Dual Channel. You can get triple channel ram sets, but there is no performance gain (aside from the quantity of 6 GB vs 4), and you hamstring your ability to upgrade (most boards run 4 slots, which means to upgrade from the triple channel, you would have to replace all your ram). If you are on a budget, get 4 (2 sticks of 2 GB) and upgrade to 8 later – however for future value, I recommend getting 8 now (2 sticks of 4 GB) – and you would be able to bump that further in the future if you need.

My current recommendation is based off recent benchmarking for higher end sandy bridge ram done at Tom’s Hardware. I’m not going with their best performance/price pick because that is a Kingston set. #2 is Corsair. Based on reviews, I believe Corsair to produce more reliable hardware than Kingston. That being said, I’ve never had a problem with ram sticks, and I’ve used obscure brands before. Like I said before, feel free to use whatever you want.

My RAM recommendation for a sandy bridge gaming pc is Corsair Vengeance 1600, 8GB Build a Gaming PC A Quick Look at RAM. That’s it. G.skill is a fantastic brand as well. They make a very interesting set of ram – G.Skill Sniper 1600 1.25 volt set Build a Gaming PC A Quick Look at RAM. The 1.25 volt means less energy used, less heat generated – more overclocking potential – so that could be a good alternative option at the 1600 speed.  I haven’t read any conclusive benchmarks that lead me to put the g.skill over the Corsair, but for a gaming computer under 500 dollars, you couldn’t go wrong with either of those.


How Much Food Can Philips Airfryer Cook?

Some people are wondering how much food the Philips Airfryer will be able to cook at one time. Really this all depends on the type of food that is being cooked. Different foods are different shapes and sizes which will fill up the basket of the Airfryer differently. The basket has a max line that indicates where to stop filling it. Here are a few suggestions for how much of each food can be cooked at one time in the basket of the Air Fryer.

When cooking fries it will depend on if the fries being cooked are fresh or if they are frozen. Also keep in mind these are the maximum amounts that the basket can hold, not the recommended amounts. If the fries are fresh, the basket will hold roughly one and three-quarter pounds of fries. If the fries are frozen, the basket will hold roughly one and a half pounds of fries. Both quantities are enough to feed a family of four no matter how they are cooked. However, the recommended amount of either one to cook at once is about a pound. Also, the basket should be shaken about halfway through the air frying process in order to get an even cook.

When cooking meats in the Philips Airfryer it is best to only cover the bottom of the basket with the meats you have to go to to have a good idea about the Philps Airfryer 2017. Since the Airfryer needs to cook the foods using hot air there must be enough room for the air to circulate around the foods. If meats are stacked on top of one another there will not be enough exposure for the meat to cook fully. However, the meats will get nice and crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside if they are cooked properly.

When stuffed vegetables and doughy foods are cooked in the Airfryer they should be cooked the same way as meats. Also, it is advisable to leave enough space in between the ingredients that are being cooked so that they can be lifted out with a pair of tongs.

When baking cakes, muffins, quiches, or pieces of bread in the Philips Airfryer it is important to use a baking tray that is 6 inches round. Also, make sure not to fill the trays more than halfway because the dough will rise during air frying, and if they are overfilled it might cause them to overflow and touch the heating element. This will cause whatever is being cooked to get burned and not turn out so good.



Different types of table saws available in market

There are number of varieties of table saws for sale are there in market. Here are some of the most common types of table saws:

  1. Jobsite saws

They are also known as portable saws and they are designed in that way so that they can easily be carried and transported from one place to another. They are great for carpenters who spend maximum time on job site and they have to travel from one place to another. They are not very much heavy so that they can be carried from one place to another.

  1. Contractor saws

Contractor saws are relatively light weight and they were manufactured considering those carpenters who has to move from one job site to other regularly. Their average weight is 250 lbs to 350 lbs. they are generally used by small shop owners because functions are less and hence price is also less. They are available at lesser price hence the quality is not that much high as compared to cabinet saw but still they perform sufficiently well as per its price.

  1. Cabinet saw

They are named as cabinet because they are covered by a cabinet from outside. The base is similar to a cabinet. They are made for professional woodworkers and they are relatively costlier as compared to earlier described saws. They are built using cast iron, gears and other heavy raw materials, hence it is very strong.

  1. Hybrid saw

top hybrid table saws, with different-different ratios of features of other types of saws and they are available at a range of price.

There are number of Table Saws for sale are available in market and you can easily get one as per your need as well as budget. Some of them are easy to carry from one place to another as they are light in weight whereas some are manufactured for professional woodworkers.

5 Best Radar Detectors & Reviews For 2018

Together with the escalation in the number of speed traps, red-light cameras as well as an airplane -mounted radar weapons, an excellent radar detector 2018 is more valuable than ever. Having an excellent radar/laser sensor enable you to make certain when boosting, you never to get a solution, well. is n’t worked as by cheaper radar detectors It features the DSP technology in addition to laser sensors that are several that Are designed for finding best radar detectors guns from the longer distance. The Valentine One includes two indicator antennae, back, and top, to feeling both laser signals.

There are a couple of minor difficulties with your  Valentine one,  can comprehend the guys that the past years contact the Valentine one an outdated trick but humorous these are the same folks that today advocate escort max 360 which really is a weak lost content of the  best radar detector on the market 2018  testers who places cobra alarms in his number is just not you also spot them above companion feline that will be an incredible alarm alongside using the outstanding Valentine one.


With all the irregular software update, the radar itself continues to be good at buying up Ka-band signs early enough to warn and slow-down, though next to the V1is arrows, relying on the signal energy and volume of the beep to look for the signals spot feels imprecise. You should use numerous filters to make sure you do not mistake street indicators and area devices from radar guns. The sensor may inform you for ten unique signals almost 8 weeks simultaneously The battery about the Companion Solo S2 could last. To help you cost your cell phone with all the software, companions exclusive cable gets things for having a Flash outlet. The Beltronics PRO 200 comes with alternatives for three distinct processes: AutoScan, highway, and location.

In August Cobra updated their Radar style together with the smaller iPad 900 (iRadar Atom) It has the exact same issues as its predecessor like a small user base and less-sensitive equipment and brings crash-avoidance that CNET identified annoying Stick to some devoted, high-performance alarm and Waze. It comes with an app for Android smartphones that enables you to simply handle its controls.

By numerous records, it has the the-greatest range for discovering rate radars, a rear-experiencing an arrow screen method that orients drivers towards the way to obtain the radar signal, laser discovery, and indicator. The Whistler CR90 is really a far more affordable option if you like to save lots of some money and focus primarily on laser radar discovering according to this best radar detector test so check it before you decide.